Bulk Bags


Bulk Bags

CFIA Accreditation    CFIA
Our Bulk Bags (Tote Bags/Super Sacks) are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) accepted and BAG Supplies Canada Ltd is a leader in Canada commercial bag sales, providing certified Food Grade Bulk Bags/Tote Bags/Super Sacks.

Type A
Normal bag for regular use Suitable for the majority of applications. All bags are UV stabilized, and manufactured to independently verifiable standards.

Type B
As above with some anti-static properties Reduces static build up as a result of product flow. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE IN HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS. If any risk of explosion exists one of the following MUST be used.

Type C
Groundable Conductive bag Conducts all static electricity immediately and safely to earth. This bag requires manual earth connection.

Type D
Dissipative Anti-Static bag Dissipates static electricity safely into atmosphere. This bag does not requires any earth connection.

Q/Baffle bag
Maximises usable volume Internal baffles retain the inherent cuboid shape of the bag, reducing wasted space between bags caused by “rounding” by up to 30%.

For containment of fine powders Coated fabrics and special stitching techniques combined to produce bags that can completely contain powders to 10 microns.

UN Certified
For hazardous materials Controlled specification bags, tested to the highest standards for guaranteed containment of dangerous and hazardous materials.

Our full range of Edenbags, as illustrated below, can be supplied with various options of filling and discharge facilities. These facilities are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and supply customised designs of Edenbags to meet customers requirements, please get in touch if you require more information.

Used Bulk Bags
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We often have a large amount of different sizes of Second Hand Bulk Bags available, these stocks change all the time, so please contact us with your enquires.

Birch – with corner loops
Loops sewn between fabric layers on inside

Lifting and transportation by means of two parallel webbing straps

Alder – with corner loops
Air permeable manufactured from vented fabric

Elm – with cross corner loops
Circular woven fabric with cross corner sewn loops

Lifting & transportation by means of two parallel webbing loops

Larch – with corner loops
Loops sewn on out side seam

Maple – with cross corner loops
Loops sewn cross corner to reinforced areas

Offering alternative lifting methods

Hazardous Goods
Special FIBC’s tested to UN specification for transportation of hazardous waste
Loops sewn into body seams or cross corner

Full base discharge bag
Q-bags/Baffle Bulk bags
designed to maintain its square or rectangular shape after filling, making the most efficient possible use of storage space, whether being stored or transported. Also the baffles help stabilize the bag and reduce shifting during transport. Up to 30% higher payload can be achieved, meaning significant cost saving.

Design Performance

All of the Edenbag range can be designed to comply with ST (Single Trip certification) and MT (Multi Trip certification) requirements
Edenbag Options
Non Coated – plain woven fabric
Polypropylene (pp) Coating – Fabric coated with 25 G.s.m.
Siftproof – Polypropylene coated fabric with sealing cord at sewn seams
With Liner
Protection from contamination
Liners –
a) Supplied loosely inserted into FIBC
b) Glued into FIBC
c) Sewn into FIBC

filling_01 Open Top With Hem
filling_a02 Tie Down Flap
filling_a03 Duffel/Skirt Top
filling_a04 Open Top & Tightening Holes
filling_a06 Filling Spout
stevedore Stevedore

discharge_01 Discharge Spout
discharge_02 Discharge Spout with Iris Protection
discharge_03 Discharge Spout with Petal Closure
discharge_05 Discharge Spout with Protection Flap
discharge_06 Full Drop Bottom
plainbase Plain Base
diaper Diaper Bottom


1 Open Top 4 Top Spouted
2 Gussetted 5 Top & Bottom Spouted
3 Valved 6 Cubic Top
7 Cubic Top & Bottom Spouted
1 2
3 4
5 6


Version 4

Super Stable Bulk bags that are stackable as below;